Thursday, July 20, 2017

2 August - Appointment with Death

August's play will be a return to an old favourite: Agatha Christie.

Appointment with Death

The play opens as the family and the victim are introduced through the perspective of Sarah King and Dr. Gerard, who discuss the behavior of the family. Mrs. Boynton is sadistic and domineering, which she may have inculcated from her original profession: prison warden. Sarah is attracted to Raymond Boynton, while Jefferson Cope admits to wanting to take Nadine Boynton away from her husband, Lennox Boynton, and the influence of her mother-in-law. Having been thwarted in her desire to free the young Boyntons, Sarah confronts Mrs. Boynton whose apparent reply is a strange threat: "I’ve never forgotten anything – not an action, not a name, not a face." When the party reaches Petra, Mrs. Boynton uncharacteristically sends her family away from her for a period. Later, she is found dead with a needle puncture in her wrist.

Main Characters

  • Colonel Carbury, senior figure in Transjordania
  • Mrs Boynton, the victim
  • Ginevra Boynton, the victim's stepdaughter
  • Raymond Boynton, the victim's youngest stepson
  • Lennox Boynton, the victim's eldest stepson
  • Nadine Boynton, the victim's stepdaughter-in-law (Lennox's wife)
  • Jefferson Cope, a family friend
  • Dr Gerard, a French psychologist
  • Sarah King, a young doctor
  • Lady Westholme, a member of Parliament
  • Miss Pryce, a former nursery governess
  • Alderman Higgs, fellow traveller

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