The following scripts are available for future readings/to borrow:

Author Title Notes
Ayckbourn, Alan If I Were You  
Ayckbourn, Alan Life and Beth  
Ayckbourn, Alan Life of Riley  
Ayckbourn, Alan Living Together  
Ayckbourn, Alan My Wonderful Day  
Ayckbourn, Alan Round & Round the Garden  
Ayckbourn, Alan Season's Greetings  
Ayckbourn, Alan Snake in the Grass  
Ayckbourn, Alan Table Manners  
Ayckbourn, Alan The Norman Conquests  
Ayckbourn, Alan Time of My Life  
Bennett, Alan People  
Bennett, Alan Talking Heads 1  
Bennett, Alan The Habit of Art  
Bennett, Alan The History Boys  
Blessing, Lee A Walk in The Woods  
Boothe, Clare The Women  
Brighouse, Harold Hobson's Choice  
Chekhov An Unwilling Martyr One Act 
Chekhov Drama One Act 
Chekhov Ivanov  
Chekhov Swan Song One Act 
Chekhov The Alien Corn One Act 
Chekhov The Anniversary One Act 
Chekhov The Bear One Act 
Chekhov The Cherry Orchard  
Chekhov The Evils of Tobacco One Act 
Chekhov The Inspector-General One Act 
Chekhov The Proposal One Act 
Chekhov The Seagull  
Chekhov The Wedding  One Act 
Chekhov Three Sisters  
Chekhov Uncle Vanya  
Childress, Alice Wine in the Wilderness  
Christie, Agatha And Then There Were None  
Christie, Agatha Appointment with Death  
Christie, Agatha The Hollow  
Christie, Agatha The Mousetrap  
Churchill, Caryl Top Girls  
Clark, Brian Whose Life is it Anyway  
Coward, Noel Blithe Spirit  
Coward, Noel Look After Lulu  
Coward, Noel Present Laughter  
Coward, Noel Relative Values  
Coward, Noel Suite in 3 Keys  
Coward, Noel This Happy Breed  
Coward, Noel Tonight at 8.30  
Coward, Noel Waiting in the Wings  
de Angelis, April Jumpy  
de Groen, Alma The Rivers of China  
Deegan, Denise Daisy Pulls it Off  
Duffy, Maureen Rites  
Edson, Margaret Wit  
Firth, Tim Calendar Girls  
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca A Mother Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca A Woman Alone Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca Alice in Wonderless Land Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca An Arab Woman Speaks Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca An Ordinary Day  
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca Bless Me Father for I have Sinned Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca Coming Home Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca Fascism 1922 Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca I'm Ulrike- Screaming Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca It Happened Tomorrow Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca Mamma Togni Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca Medea Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca Michele Lu Lanzone One Act
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca Nada Pasini Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca Rise & Shine Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca The Bawd Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca The Dancing Mistress One Act
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca The Eel Woman Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca The Open Couple  
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca The Rape Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca The Same Old Story Monologue
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca The Whore in the Madhouse Monologue
Fugard, Athol No-Good Friday  
Fugard, Athol Nongogo  
Fugard, Athol Sizwe Bansi is Dead One Act
Fugard, Athol The Coat One Act
Fugard, Athol The Island  
Genet, Jean Deathwatch One Act
Genet, Jean The Maids One Act
Gerstenberg, Alice Overtones  
Ginzburg, Natalia The Advertisement  
Gray, Simon A Month in the Country  
Gray, Simon Butley  
Gray, Simon Close of Play  
Gray, Simon Otherwise Engaged  
Gray, Simon Quartermaine's Terms  
Gray, Simon Stage Struck  
Gray, Simon Tartuffe  
Gray, Simon The Idiot  
Gray, Simon The Late Middle Classes  
Gray, Simon The Rear Column  
Greene, Graham Our Man in Havana  
Haddon, Mark The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time  
Hare, David The Absence of War  
Hellman, Lillian The Children's Hour  
Ibsen, Henrik A Doll's House  
Ibsen, Henrik Ghosts  
Ibsen, Henrik Hedda Gabler  
Ibsen, Henrik The Master Builder  
Kushner, Tony Angels in America  
Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird  
Lessing, Doris Play with a Tiger  
Letts, Tracy August: Osage County  
Levin, Ira Death Trap  
Logan, John Peter & Alice  
Logan, John Red  
MacDonald, Sharman When I Was A Girl, I Used to Scream and Shout  
McNally, Terrence Master Class  
McPherson, Conor The Weir  
Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman  
Miller, Arthur The Crucible  
Miller, Arthur View from the Bridge  
Moliere Fears into Laugh One Act
Moliere Sganarelle, or The Imaginary Cuckold One Act
Moliere The Flying Doctor One Act
Moliere The Forced Marriage One Act
Moliere The Jealous Husband One Act
Moliere The Rehearsal at Versailles One Act
Moliere The Seductive Countess One Act
Moliere Two Precious Maidens Ridiculed One Act
Morgan, Peter The Audience  
Nichols, Peter A Day in the Death of Joe Egg  
Nichols, Peter Chez Nous  
Norman, Marsha Getting Out  
Norman, Marsha The Holdup  
Norman, Marsha Third and Oak  
Norman, Marsha Traveler in the Dark  
Oglesby, Tamsin Really Old, Like 45  
Osborn, John Inadmissible Evidence  
Osborn, John Look Back in Anger  
Pinter, Harold The Birthday Party  
Pinter, Harold The Caretaker  
Priestley, J B An Inspector Calls  
Rattigan, Terence Ross  
Rattigan, Terence Separate Tables  
Rattigan, Terence The Winslow Boy  
Reza, Yasmina The God of Carnage  
Russell, Willy Blood Brothers  
Russell, Willy Educating Rita  
Russell, Willy Shirley Valentine  
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Between Worlds  
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Don Juan on Trial  
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Enigma Variations  
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel The Visitor  
Shaffer, Anthony Sleuth  
Shaffer, Peter Amadeus  
Shaffer, Peter The Royal Hunt of the Sun  
Shannon, Richard The Lady of Burma  
Shaw, Bernard Pygmalion  
Sherriff, R C Journey's End  
Simon, Neil Barefoot in the Park  
Stephenson, Shelagh Five Kinds of Silence  
Stephenson, Shelagh The Memory of Water  
Stoppard, Tom After Magritte One Act
Stoppard, Tom Arcadia  
Stoppard, Tom Cahoot's Macbeth One Act
Stoppard, Tom Dirty Linen One Act
Stoppard, Tom Dogg's Hamlet One Act
Stoppard, Tom Jumpers  
Stoppard, Tom New Found Land One Act
Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead  
Stoppard, Tom The Real Inspector Hound One Act
Storm, Lesley Roar like a Dove  
Strindberg, August Miss Julie  
Terry, Megan Calm Down Mother  
Townsend, Sue Bazaar & Rummage  
Townsend, Sue Groping for Words  
Townsend, Sue The Great Celestial Cow  
Townsend, Sue The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4  
Townsend, Sue Womberang  
Travers, Ben A Cuckoo in the Nest  
Travers, Ben Plunder  
Travers, Ben Rookery Nook  
Travers, Ben Thark  
Travers, Ben The Bed Before Yesterday  
Tristram, David Joining The Club One Act
Tristram, David Last Tango in Little Grimley One Act
Various An Entertainment on Marriage  
Various The Barr Off Melrose  
Waterhouse, Keith & Hall, Willis Billy Liar  
Weldon, Fay The Reading Group One Act
Wells, Tom The Kitchen Sink  
Wilde, Oscar A Florentine Tragedy  
Wilde, Oscar A Woman of No Importance  
Wilde, Oscar An Ideal Husband  
Wilde, Oscar La Sainte Courtisane  
Wilde, Oscar Lady Windermere's Fan  
Wilde, Oscar Salome  
Wilde, Oscar The Duchess of Padua  
Wilde, Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest  
Wilde, Oscar Vera or The Nihilists  
Wood, Victoria Mens Sana in Thingummy Doodah Comedy Sketches

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