Thursday, February 2, 2017

1 March: Suddenly at Home

I am glad that so many of you enjoyed Accidental Death of an Anachist: a very political, funny and finely crafted piece by the late Dario Fo.

In March we will go to the opposite extreme -  a murder mystery by Francis Durbridge.

Suddenly at Home

In this 1971 play (and the setting is very much of that era) a man murders his wife with the help of his mistress - but then there's a twist!


Glenn Howard - The Husband
Maggie Howard - His Wife
Helen Tenby - Maggie's Sister
Ruth Belcher - The Howard's Au Pair (but where are the children ...?)
Sam Blaine - Former lover of Maggie
Sheila Wallis - Friend of Maggie
Appleton - A Police Inspector
Reimick - A Police Inspector

Francis Durbridge (1912-1985)

Durbridge is most well known for his Paul Temple books and plays which have been turned into radio plays, television series and films.  Apart from fame as the Paul Temple author, Durbridge seems to have lived a quiet and happy life!

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