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7 September: Amy's View

In July we read A Doll's House, an interesting play which lead to lots of discussion.  That same evening Rina and I went to the ECC play reading where we read Amy's View - and we felt that we'd been treated to two very good plays in one day!  

Wikipedia describes Amy's View thus:  The play takes place in Berkshire near Pangbourne, and in London, from 1979 to 1995. Over the course of these sixteen years  "a running argument about the respective virtues of traditional theater and the media arts weaves its way through espoused opinions on marriage, love, fame, fidelity, betrayal, personal and artistic integrity, and the sometimes elusive ethics of the corporate world, among other things."  Which sums it up rather well!

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Amy Thomas is a young woman, just twenty-three at the start of the play, who is the daughter of Esme Allen. She is "dark haired with an unmistakable air of quiet resolution." She created a small publication when she was a girl called Amy's View. She is in a relationship with Dominic.

Esme Allen is Amy's mother and a prominent West end actress. She is forty-nine at the start of the play, and is "surprisingly small, her manner both sensitive and intense. Something in her vulnerability makes people instantly protective of her."  She constantly butts heads with Dominic, and has an interesting relationship with Frank.

Dominic Tyghe is Amy's boyfriend. He is a year younger than Amy, and quite attractive. He is an orphan, having never known his parents, and aspires to be a successful filmmaker.

Frank Oddie is one of Esme's neighbors, as well as a commissioning agent for Lloyd's of London. He looks after Esme's investments and other financial matters. He is "in his early fifties, easy going and amiable."

Evelyn Thomas is Esme's mother in law, Amy's grandma. She is "white haired, in her late seventies," and lives with Esme. She becomes increasingly decrepit - both physically and mentally - throughout the play.

Toby Cole is a young actor in his twenties.

I thought this list of actors from Wikipedia would be interesting viewing, it's a play with good credentials!

RoleWorld Premiere Cast, 13 June 1997
Royal National Theatre, Lyttelton Theatre, London.
Broadway Premiere, Apr 15, 1999
New York City, Ethel Barrymore Theatre
West End Revival, 14 November 2006,
Garrick Theatre, London.
Esme AllenJudi DenchJudi DenchFelicity Kendal
Amy ThomasSamantha BondSamantha BondJenna Russell
Dominic TygheEoin McCarthyTate DonovanRyan Kiggell
Frank OddieRonald PickupRonald PickupGawn Grainger
Evelyn ThomasJoyce RedmanAnne PitoniakAntonia Pemberton
Toby ColeChristopher StainesMaduka SteadyGeoff Breton
Directed byRichard EyreRichard EyrePeter Hall

Sir David Hare (1947 - )

Most notable for his stage work, David Hare has also enjoyed great success with films, receiving two Academy Award nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay for writing The Hours in 2002 and The Reader in 2008.
He has had great success in the West End, and he has had sever Tony Award nominations for Best play and received two Laurence Olivier Awards for Best New Play.  He has also written for the BBC.
Hare has also received various nominations and awards in the US.  
He was knighted in 1998.

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