Friday, April 22, 2016

4 May: The Father

Le Père is a 2012 play by the French playwright Florian Zeller which won in 2014 the Molière Award for Best Play. It was made into the film Floride (2015).  Zeller is a young writer who has won many awards including the 2011 Molière Award for Best Play for his earlier work, The Mother.  

Florian Zeller

This is a moving play about a man suffering dementia, and the affect it has on his life and the lives of those around him.  For those of you who have seen relatives suffer this horrible illness it will no doubt strike a nerve and you might find it quite emotional.

I first heard it on the radio, and found that you are drawn in and are unsure whether and when Andre, the father, is living in the here and now or the past. Another discombobulation is the fact that he is a French man, in Paris, speaking in English. Please don't ask me to explain, but for this play it did seem odd.

The Father is currently playing in London to rave reviews, starring Kenneth Cranham and Claire Skinner.

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