Wednesday, January 20, 2016

3 February: Love, Loss and What I Wore

January once again proved, to me, that our little group really brings out more of a play than just a mere read-through on ones own.

But before I start on about The Vagina Monologues I must thank Rina for the absolutely delicious Galette des Rois: I had never had such a lovely one in my nearly 14 yeas here.  And congratulations to Isaobel, our 'Queen for the Day'!

I had seen The Vagina Monologues some years ago, and my memory was of a fun evening tinged with the raw emotion of the pieces that dealt with genital mutilation and abuse.  When I read the script last year, having suggested we read it as a group, I confess I did start to get cold feet.  But then we read it aloud, and I don't think I was alone in finding it moving, funny and a work which defends the right of women to be women.  Whilst it might seem controversial to use the vagina as a vehicle for this message, it is what makes us women and is a blessing; a curse; a source of shame; a source of joy and many other things.  So thank  you ladies for bringing this work to life - I thought you all coped very well (in fact probably better than me!).

I have been dithering over next month, torn between the latest Tom Stoppard, The Hard Problem, and my eventual choice: Love, Loss and What I Wore.  The main reason for the decision is that I am away from next Wednesday-Tuesday, and I already have this prepared!

So apologies in advance if it seems like I'm repeating the month!

Love, Loss and What I Wore

I came across this play by chance in Hamburg last year at the FEATS festival.  It was read by a group of women and I thought it was fun and perfect for our group ... so here it is!

Love, Loss, and What I Wore is a play written by Nora and Delia Ephron based on the 1995 book of the same name by Ilene Beckerman.

The sisters are interesting.  Daughters of screenwriters, both have followed in their parents footsteps - with marked success. Delia's credits include Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail, and Nora's award-winning works include When Harry Met Sally and Julia & Julia.  Nora died in 2012.

Nora & Delia Ephron

You will find a lot about this play on Wikipedia, and, like The Vagina Monologues  it is a series of monologues.  However, unlike VM, it is based on 5 characters and uses the female wardrobe as a time capsule of a woman's life.

It is a recent, American, play from 2008 which won awards in 2010.  Like The Vagina Monologues it has been used to fundraise for women's charities and has attracted many famous actresses.

The original cast, which included Tyne Daly (2nd left), welcomed a very special visitor!

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