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1 October - Deathtrap

Unfortunately, as I had flu in August (really!) we had to postpone Abigail's Party until September.  I was really very sorry that Dawn could not be with us, as this had been her suggestion and a very good one it was too!

I was delighted that you all found it so funny, and I can't type the name of the play now without smiling at the memory of how tickled Isobel was throughout the reading!!

Beverley certainly is a monster, but with the exception of Sue, caught up in the horrendous evening, none of the characters are people you'd really want as neighbours.


I urge you NOT to google the plot of this play!

Sidney Bruhl is a playwright living off his reputation for one smash thriller.  But that doesn't pay to keep him in the style to which he has become accustomed.  Then one day he receives a highly commercial draft from a student.  But is it worth killing for?

This play's twists will make you gasp!

It is set in 'The Present': the present then was 1978, but really it is timeless and could be set as a modern day thriller.

The cast are:

Sidney Bruhl: A washed up playwright, living off his reputation and dwindling savings

Myra Bruhl: His wife, with money of her own

Clifford Anderson: A young student that Sidney met at a seminar that he gave.

Helga ten Dorp: A psychic who is living in a neighbouring house

Porter Milgrim: Sidney's friend and lawyer

Below are a couple of pictures of set, to give you a feel for Sidney's study, in which the entire piece takes place.

Ira Levin: The 'Real' Playwright
Whilst not a challenge to The Mousetrap, Deathtrap holds the record for the longest running comedy-thriller on Broadway.  In 1982 it was adapted into a film starring Christopher Reeve, Michael Caine and Dyan Cannon.

A Young Christopher Reeves ...

and Michael Caine ...

and Dyan Cannon

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